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Use the sun’s heat to deliver an energy efficient, well ventilated home that is warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

The SolaMate solar thermal heating, cooling & ventilation system for homes is an award winning Australian invention that heats your home directly using the sun’s energy to warm air flowing through the purpose-designed air heating panel. 

The SolaMate Solar Heating System kit is;
  • fully Australian designed
  • Australian owned
  • Australian Manufactured
  • the 2009 Housing Industry of Australia (HIA) GreenSmart Product of the Year
  • an Episode and People’s Choice Award winner on the ABC’s New Inventor’s Program.

This award winning invention heats your home directly from the sun. It’s the closest you can come to retrofitting passive solar design to a house without major renovations.

Simply, the design draws fresh air into a clear polycarbonate panel on your roof, where it is warmed by the sun’s rays. This warm air is then pushed into up to 3 rooms via ducting, through a hospital-grade HEPA air filter. As a bonus in summer, you can use the system to bring in cool outside air overnight, flushing out the heat of the day after the sun goes down.

With winter’s large heating bills,, now is a great time to install a SolaMate:
  • set yourself up for reduced bills next winter – don’t get a bill shock again next year!
  • take advantage of heating in the cold, clear skies of spring
  • enjoy the benefits of overnight cooling this summer

ONE SolaMate panel provides enough warmth to heat up to 100m2 of house area, costing as little as 20 cents a day to run.

SolaMate Basic Facts & Figures

SolaMate panels come in two different shapes to suit most roof sizes.
Both have the exact same solar collection area and provide the exact same performance results.

SolaMate “FX” Panel
SolaMate “Stumpy” Panel

Each SolaMate panel produces almost 2000 Watts of heat under average solar radiation conditions of 1000 Watts/M2 , and can provide a massive 11 KWhrs of free heating over the course of a day.

The SolaMate fan is incredibly efficient using just 80 Watts of power to provide a massive 540 cubic meters/hr of air flow.
That means over a full 8hr day, the SolaMate fan consumes just 0.64 KWhrs of power and costs less than 10 cents to run (assuming 15c per KWhr for grid power).

A single SolaMate panel kit will typically heat, cool, ventilate an area of 100 square meters of living space (assuming a standard 2.7m ceiling height). For an area of this size, the SolaMate fan will provide 2 complete fresh air changes per hour.

Each SolaMate panel kit comes with its own dedicated fan, filter, and 3 duct outlets; therefore, a twin-panel kit comes standard with 6 outlets.
The fan can be located up to 6m away from the SolaMate panel and each of the 3 duct outlets can be up to a further 6m away from the fan.

As many as 3 SolaMate systems can be run from the same system control unit meaning the system is modular and additional SolaMate panels can simply be plugged in at a later date without the need for wiring.

The SolaMate system can eliminate the need for supplementary heating in spring and autumn and reduce the additional heating requirements in winter by 50% or more.

On cloudy days Ultra Violet and near Infra Red light penetrate the clouds to heat the SolaMate panel.
The air temperature from the SolaMate panel is typically:
– 30ºC – 45ºC on sunny spring and autumn days
– 25ºC – 30ºC for sunny winter days
– 20ºC – 25ºC for cold, cloudy winter days
Particles in the air carry pollutants, some of which can cause lung damage and allergic reactions when inhaled. Breathable particles are referred to as PM-10 (particle matter smaller than 10 micro meters). The SolaMate Filter is an F6 medical grade filter that removes particles as tiny as 0.4 micro meters which includes pollen, spores, bacteria, and most other lung-damaging particulates. The filters are user replaceable and usually last between 12-18 months.