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The ZCell Energy Storage system for your home or Office. ZCell can deliver 10 kilowatt hours (kWh) of stored energy each day, harvesting energy from solar panels or lower-cost off-peak power, for use when you need it.

Installing ZCell with a suitable inverter as part of your energy management system can lower your power costs, provide resilience during grid power cuts and increase your energy independence.

ZCell Energy Storage system

A Zinc Bromide flow battery.

The ZCell is an Australian Designed flow battery that outperforms legacy battery types such as lithium-based or lead acid.

ZCell contains about 100 litres of a water-based zinc bromide salt solution circulating in two separate hydraulic circuits. In short, energy is stored by moving zinc around inside the battery.

When charging, zinc is extracted from the zinc bromide solution and stored on a plastic membrane. During discharge, zinc is released back to the solution.

With ZCell, there is no degradation to the battery when the zinc is removed from the plastic membrane at the end of each cycle, giving it a sustained, long-life energy storage capacity.


Benefits of the ZCell

  • World’s smallest flow battery (10kWh / 100% DoD)
  • Contains Intrinsically fire retardant electrolyte – not at risk of thermal runaway
  • Operates with a Smart, self-protecting battery with Internet enabled monitoring and control
  • Delivers 100% cycle depth of discharge without any risk of battery damage
  • Retains its full 10 kilowatt hours of storage capacity for its expected life, unlike other battery types which lose significant storage capacity with age
  • Requires no reserved capacity, unlike other battery types that reserve a portion of the battery capacity to avoid damage
  • Presents no fire risk: Its bromide-based electrolyte is a natural fire retardant while mechanical damage does not risk explosion or ‘thermal runaway’
  • Operates at temperatures as hot as 50°C without active cooling
  • Offers unlimited shelf life: You can switch off a ZCell at any state of charge, hibernate it for extended periods of time, and then restore it within 60 seconds
  • Made with major components that are easy to recycle or reuse
  • Australian-designed and developed. Manufactured by Flex, North America.
  • 10-year/36,500kWh warranty